Bear Creek Angus Cow Families
  • I've only shown cows that I've managed to picture. There are families yet undone and the young cows that are up and coming. So check back as I post more once I have taken pictures
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  • The Lavender Lady family descends from Ebon Hill Lavender Lady 356'03. They are terrific producing cows with strong maternal traits. We are walking a son of 56N.
  • The Rosegay's descend from Callemere Rosegay 26P, a cow we purchased as a bred heifer. This family has tremendous length of spine and strong maternal traits, always kicking out the right type of female. 26P's mother was a red carrier and tests are not yet completed on her or her daughters as to whether they still carry the red gene.
  • Since her first calf, 96P has been a standout producer. This cow has no holes in her feet, udder, or composition what so ever and shows it, producing our top end calves year after year.
  • 71P has yet to leave me a daughter, but has been one of my most profitable cows with a succession of bulls of the right kind
  • The Lass family is becoming very prolific, with 49R leaving us many excellent to produce more daughters.
  • 66S was purchased from OTA dispersal as a bred heifer and has done well, raising a high-selling bull that sold two years ago, although I haven't managed to picture her progeny yet.

Bear Creek Blackbird 10X with her first calf!
  • 36S and 34U are full sisters, purchased from Diamond D dispersal.
  • 5U comes from Callemere Blackbird 56R, and 10X was her first calf, which made the replacement pen. 5U's mother was a red carrier and hasn't been tested yet if she's a red carrier.
  • 8W comes from an Ebon Hill cow that worked hard for us for many years. This female is perhaps my pick of the W's.
  • 17S was purchase from Valleyhills dispersal and is a tremendous cow with huge volume and excellent fleshing capabilities
  • 89T, 69T, and 21W were all purchased from Herb Friesen as bred heifers. They are all sound, good uddered females.
  • 19X descends from 69T and is a Density 4336 daughter and a standout female.
  • Purchased from Mountain View Farms dispersal, 310T is a tremendous cow with alot of potential, raising a seven hundred pound Sitz Upward Hfr calf as her first calf for us!
  • 28Y is a Sitz Upward daughter and one of the stronger Upward daughters we have
  • The Tibbie cow family was the most prominent and prolific of cow families at Mountain View Farms, dating back to the beginning of their angus program, some 77 years. I look forward to good things from these cows. 393T has a Consensus 7229 bull calf and is one of the best in the pen.
  • 248U was purchased from Lee Brown and has turned into a deep, broody female with excellent feet and udder structure.
  • 836U is a very feminine cow that so far has been an excellent producer, bringing in the pounds in the fall.
  • 350W is a moderate framed, nicely put together cow. She also raised our heifer bull 350Y.
LLB Lassie 796W pictured with her consensus bull calf
  • Purchased from Lee Brown, 796W seems to be the right type, bringing in a good hfr calf as her first and a whopping bull calf her second time around.
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Here is the factory. We don't believe in raising seedstock from cattle that only produce a good calf once in awhile, but demand quality and when a registered cow isn't delivering they are ran as a commercial. Most cows here, at any particular year are capable of producing a high-selling bull or the best replacement heifer.
  • Purchased from the same cow family from MJT dispersal, they've done well, each having excellent udder development and correct feet and leg structure.
  • Purchased from Gerlei's young cow herd dispersal, 21u is a solid built cow from Touchdown 36M
  • This is a beautiful cow, as long-spined, wedge-shaped, and deep-bodied a cow as you will find.
  • This is an embryo daughter from the straight-Canadian bred, high-selling flush cow, Remington Lady Lawn 144R that sold for $17,000.
Updated January 2017!